5 Star Hospitality will work with the host to make all plans for foods, goods, and services.  Some venues require additional percentage returns, fees for use of kitchens, etc., or set-up/tear-down of tables, chairs, etc.  These fees will be added as appropriate, with a deposit required in advance.

Additional upgraded and specialty items are available for rental, and will be priced separately.  Additional charges for extended hours, non-standard room set-up/tear-down, or other special requests.

Bar & Beverage Services

Please call for a personal consult to discuss your particular needs, preferences, & pricing. 5 Star Hospitality can provide bartenders and/or servers for your event, whether we cater the food or not!  Just call  for detailed information!

Outside Vendors (Cakes, Decorators/Designers, Florists, Musicians, DJs, Photo Booths, Photographers, Valets, etc.):

Depending on your selected venue, additional charges or percentage return fees may be required/charged for the use of outside vendors. Please read your venue contracts carefully for these charges.  They will be discussed during event planning.

A list of preferred vendors with whom we have worked and who are familiar with the facility can be provided to each client, but are not required to be used. 

There may be restrictions on use of outside vendors.  Should an outside vendor cause any damage to any property, cost for replacements or repairs will be deducted from the damage deposit or assessed appropriately to the host or the vendor.  Vendors must arrange delivery times and set-ups with the management of the venue, not just the host, or the caterer!

​Joining 5 Star Hospitalities growing list of clients is as easy as a call or text to 561-719-4317. If you prefer you may email 5 Star Hospitality or feel free to use our Contact form to ensure our availability.


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